The all new Ultimate APEX Airbrush is here...

We are proud to announce the new product in the Ultimate Stable.

The Ultimate APEX Airbrush has been designed as a multi-purpose airbrush for all your spraying situations, from tight lines to a wide spray pattern.  

The Ultimate APEX Airbrush successfully negates the need for several different needle and nozzle sizes utilising a progressive needle system, which covers nearly all spraying patterns and paint consistencies.  There is also a reversible needle guard for even closer detail work.  The APEX sits comfortably in the hand with the aid of an added finger rest for those long spraying sessions.

Extremely easy to use and maintain, this will be your go to airbrush on your work bench.

Get yours now......


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  • Sean Dearie - September 07, 2018

    Superb piece of kit. Easy to use,clean&Strip and put back together. Highly recommended

  • Kev Nealeke - March 14, 2017

    Just got one of the Apex airbrush’s. Befor I only had one that came with the compresser package. Never used an anirbrush untill 3 months ago but even being inexperianced I cann tell that the Apex is much better in fact the other o e i have is not even in the same ball park.
    Smashing well made airblrush.

  • David - December 09, 2016

    Hello! Can you please add some information about needle sizes? Thanks!

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