Airbrush Identifiers for Ultimate APEX Airbrush

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If you have more than one APEX airbrush and sometimes wonder, which is which when looking at the holder, these are ideal for you.  Take the guesswork out of picking the right airbrush for your situation.

These airbrush identifiers come in packs of 12 containing two each of six different colours (red, blue, green, orange, yellow & white).  They are friction fit and made specifically for the Ultimate APEX airbrush.

You can use different colours for different types of paint and/or different needle sizes.  For example - I have red for hot (cellulose based) paints, green for acrylics, blue for base coats (0.5 needle) and yellow for the fine work (0.2 needle).  You can have any combination that suits your needs and make it easy to pick up the correct airbrush straight away.

3D printed using PLA.  As with all 3D printed products, there may be slight imperfections present.

*Airbrushes and holder not included.

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