Alclad II Transparent Smoke 30ml

Alclad II

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Shake the bottle thoroughly before use. Ensure surfaces are completely clean and free of oil/grease/dust. Do not thin. Spray at 12-20 psi.

Application guide for plastic models:
Apply over Alclad Metallic Laquers. Seal chrome, stainless stell or polished aluminium with Alclad Klear Kote before using Alcald transparent Colours

Application guide for Lexan/Polycarbonate body shells:
For large areas mist one light even coat, wait 10 minutes, then apply a heavier wet coat. This will enable the finish to gloss out.
For small areas apply one wet coat then back with Alclad Chrome for Lexan.

The colour may be lightened with Alclad Transparent Medium

Clean with any cellulose based thinner.

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