Great Wall Hobby 1/48 Su-27UB Flanker-C Heavy Fighter #L4827

Great Wall Hobby

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this kit of the Su-27UB Flanker C is a spectacular way to come back -- it's a completely new mold! Thoroughly detailed research was conducted to reproduce the details of each part. In addition to the larger vertical tail, the parts unique to the double-seat type are also included. The main wing slat, flaps and horizontal stabilizer can all be lowered; two types of landing gear storage, leg covers and tail booms are selectable when assembling. For the canopy, you can choose either a canopy molded in one piece, or parts separating the frame from the transparent part. A selection of missiles are also included -- four each of the R-27ER and R-37E, and two each of the R-27ET. Decals for five different markings are included: Soviet Air Force, Russian Navy Air Corps (x2), Ukraine Air Force, and Chinese Air Force. 

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