Deluxe Materials Roket UV Glue 5g with UV Light

Deluxe Materials

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The adhesive allows parts to be positioned correctly before it is cured using a UV light suppliedRoket UV bonds hard plastic, grp, wood & metal and has many advantages over other glues:  Please note this pack includes the UV Light.

  • Crystal clear bonds
  • Non-blooming
  • Fast solid cure on demand as short 1-3 seconds
  • Odourless in use
  • Rapid tack free, smooth surfaces
  • Can be painted
  • May be used as a coating 

Uses: Roket UV bonds almost all materials including plastics, metal, wood & leather and is ideal for normally impossible tasks such as rapid bonding of clear plastics, simulating glass e.g. on miniature eyes and lenses, cat eyes, or holding parts correctly in place while other glues dry.

5g with UV light

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