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FORMcard is a handy, pocket sized card of strong, meltable biopolastic that you can use to make, fix and modify the world around you. Just drop it in a cup of hot water and it's ready to use. Keep one in your wallet, toolbox or kitchen drawer so that it's always around when you need to fix something.

FORMcards are instant. When they're cool, they're ready to use, so you can fix things quickly in emergency situations, like when a handle breaks on a tool, or a button falls off your jacket.They are strong like nylon, so they can be used for long lasting solutions.

FORMcards are reusable, so if you don't like what you've made, or if you're finished with something you've made you can just melt it back down again. Great for making toys when your kids grow up!

Use them anywhere you have hot water. In a cafe to fix a broken umbrella, or round a campfire to fix a broken tent pole. Take one on holiday in case something breaks while you are travelling.

FORMcards stick to other plastics when they are very hot. So if you take them straight out of a cup of hot water you can use them to fix broken plastic toys, tools, or anything that normally gets thrown away that they will stick to. That's a good thing.

FORMcards are made from a starch based bio-plastic that is totally non-toxic. We have worked closely with both the chemical company, the moulders and even the colorant suppliers to ensure this is the case, even to go as far as rejecting the easy use of universal pigments which contain styrenes in favour of powder pigments. This is messier for us, but better for you and everyone else.

Make tool covers...fix plastic shovels... it's even strong enough to make a basic wrench in an emergency!

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