Great Wall Hobby 1/144 B-52H Stratofortress Strategic Bomber #L1008

Great Wall Hobby

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The B-52 has been in operation since 1955, and the current H-type, which began to be deployed in 1963, is a famous machine that has been repeatedly upgraded and deployed on the front line for more than half a century.

  • Completely new mold

  • Flaps and horizontal stabilizers can be manufactured in the lowered state.
  • Precisely reproduce the details of each part such as the vortex generator on the wing
  • The fuselage bomb bay is openable and closable, and the rotary launcher is also reproduced.
  • Weapons for mounting external pylon: AGM-129, GBU-12, GBU-24 x 12, each, AN / AAQ-28 x 1 included
  • Comes with 3 types of nose art marking decals


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