Great Wall Hobby 1/48 F-15E Strike Eagle Dual-Role Fighter #L4822

Great Wall Hobby

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The F-15E is a multi-seat battle bomber developed as a successor to F-111.  t is a multi-role aircraft classified as F-15B/D type improvement, derivative type to 4th and 5th generations.  In order to strengthen the ground attack capability, improvements to the F-15B/D type are almost different from those of the F- 15B/D type, such as redesign of the airframe structure and updating of electronic equipments such as fire control devices.

The kit precisely reproduced the features of the F-15E, including fixed tanks called conformal tanks on the side of the aircraft body, increased hard points for mounting weapons and reinforced legs.

- Attached armed, electronic equipment parts: AN/AAQ - 13 navigation pod × 1-AN/AAQ - 33 sniper sighting pod × 1-AIM-9 L/M side winder × 1-AIM-120 C AMRAAM × 1 - GBU-39 guided bomb × 16 (BRU-61 pylon × 4) · 610 gallon tank × 2
- Decal: 48 th FW/492nd FS Lake Heath Air Force base 2 types
- Etched parts included
- Total length: about 405 mm

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