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SKU: SQZ-1070

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HiQ Parts brings us the perfect tool for applying water-slide decals! 

The Decal Squeegee is designed to remove water from under decals, wiping off the wet surface around the decal, holding down decals and wiping off unnecessary glue after drying.

The sponge is made of resin with added hydrophilicity. It's a soft material and features a round surface rather than a point, so it's easy to apply pressure evenly across the decals. Additionally, it can easily be used when working with the curved surfaces of your model kits, so it's great for large decals that wrap-around edges. The shaft is made from high-quality aluminium, making it easy to rotate between your fingers when working.

How to use:  Roll the sponge across the surface of your kit before the attached decal dries to remove any moisture from under the decal. Squeeze the sponge and dry it on a cloth between uses, to keep it working at its best.

Please note: The sponge is a disposable item. Replace if necessary when it no longer absorbs water. Replacement sponges are available.  After use, please wipe off all moisture from both the sponge and shaft and allow to dry. Mould and bacteria may occur if left wet.

Size: Sponge part: 7.8mm in diameter, total length: 123mm

Made in Japan

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