Mr. Hobby Mr Metal Color - Chrome Silver 10ml

Mr. Hobby

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Mr Metal Color is a lacquer based metaliser, which can be brush painted or airbrushed.  Use Mr Color or Mr Color Leveling thinner for thinning. Once dry, in around 10 minutes, Mr Metal Color can be buffed with a soft cloth, cotton buds or a microfibre cloth for an ultra-realistic metal finish and shine.

1.  When using a brush, always paint in the same direction, eg...left to right, top to bottom.
2.  After become dry, use a piece of gauze, tissue, an old cloth etc. to polish.

You can create interesting effects depending on how you polish.  Use different polishing techniques in each case, eg. no polished (for a
mat effect), half-polished, very well polished.

Apply Mr. Top Coat to prevent Oxidation.

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