Night Recce Pod MSK

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MSK Left and Right are two dark reconnaissance pods for night photography, which can be mounted onto the left and right side of the body. MSK Left has three SKa34 cameras with 76 mm lens mounted and a flash unit. The cameras are placed so that the images together a "fan" that covers 120 degree viewing angle. The flash unit covers only 60 degrees left. On the right side is mounted MSK Right, containing only flash units, which light up 60 degrees to the right so that the two capsules together lights up 120 degrees. Night Reconnaissance System works in the short-wave infrared NIR (Near Infrared) situated just beyond red visible light. The cameras are loaded with special film sensitive to NIR range, and both the cameras and flash reflectors are filtered for the near infrared spectrum. Since the system works outside the visible range, the flashes are invisible to the naked eye. The system is used for shooting from a low level

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