Ninja Printz - Dr Aphra Fan Art Bust

Ninja Printz

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3D printed in professional grade navy grey resin to an extremely high standard (6k resolution), this model will present a flawless base ready for paint.  These are extremely detailed and high quality resin models.

  • One size option (150-160mm / 6in) with crisp and clear details. We have designed a smaller (less tall) base for this model than what is shown in the 3D renders - You can see the actual base in the shots of the printer file.  We did this as the model is quite tall already and it would have been too small on the original tall base.  If you want the tall base, you can email us and we can do it for you for an extra £5.00.
  • All sculpts are printed to order so, may take an extra day or so with shipping.
  • Printed hollow at 2.5mm thickness.
  • Some assembly required.
  • As with any resin products, minor cleaning and filling may be required prior to painting.  
  • Always use a primer - Ultimate Primers are recommended.
  • Other sizes available on request - 100mm to 200mm


We do not own the rights/likenesses to any of the respective characters. We do own permission to manufacture and sell the physical prints based on the creative designs of the artist Eastman3D.

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