Ninja Printz - Gorr the God Butcher (Classic) Fan Art Bust

Ninja Printz

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3D printed in professional grade navy grey resin to an extremely high standard (6k resolution), this model will present a flawless base ready for paint.  These are extremely detailed and high quality resin models.

  • One size option (150-160mm / 6in) with crisp and clear details. 
  • All sculpts are printed to order so, may take an extra day or so with shipping.
  • Printed hollow at 2.5mm thickness.
  • Some assembly required.
  • As with any resin products, minor cleaning and filling may be required prior to painting.  
  • Always use a primer - Ultimate Primers are recommended.
  • Other sizes available on request - 100mm to 200mm


We do not own the rights/likenesses to any of the respective characters. We do own permission to manufacture and sell the physical prints based on the creative designs of the artist Eastman3D.

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