Shimomura ALEC Shokunin Katagi `Tremas`


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SKU: AL-K161

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Sick of your files being clogged?  Shimomura ALEC have the answer - The Tremas!

A great tool for the modeller to have in his drawer.

The laminated surface of the block has the ability to remove debris and it rubs against abrasives like an eraser.

Because of the materials the Tremas is made from it prohibits mess and scatter of clogged particles.  The main body is a cube and is of a size that makes it easy to hold and the shape makes it easy to apply force.  If you rub it like an eraser with the corners, you can clean the residue completely from the clogged file.

Can to remove clogging debris from most files including Tamiya, Mr Hobby, Sujiborido, ALEC and most generic brands.

Made from vulcanised rubber - Size: 40 mm x 40 mm x 30 mm

Genuine product direct from Japan.

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