Sujiborido Ultrafine Pin File - Round 0.5mm/400 grit


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The ultrafine pin file from Sujiborido is the new must have item for your work bench.
Extremely fine, these files are able to reach areas that were previously inaccessible to modellers.   Ideal for figure modellers and military modellers alike, this file will end up being an essential tool on your bench.  If looked after properly (read warnings below), these files will last a life time.
The files come in both 400 and 600 grits in round and square format.
  • Install in the attached holder, use the tip at your preferred length. 
  • If you make the file too long, it can bend and break depending on how mush pressure is used, use with a length that does not bend even if you exert force on it.
  • Use with a protruding length that does not bend when you exert force.
  • When not in use, be sure to store the file in the holder up to the tip.
  • The file is extremely thin, there is a possibility of bending, do not touch both ends at the same time.
※ The specifications of the holder are subject to change without notice.

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