Tamiya 1/48 Messerschmitt Me262 A-1a #61087


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The revolutionary Messerschmitt Me262 was the first jet powered plane to see service. The construction of pre-production aircraft designated Me262 A-0 started in April 1944 but the fighter production version that should have been the first version to be mass-produced was delayed because of Hitler's strict contrary orders prioritising the deployment of fighter/bomber A-2a version. Then, in November 1944, the Me262 A-1a fighter version was finally put into production. It was equipped with four 30mm cannons in the nose to counter Allied bombers and escorting fighters. Late production planes were equipped with hooks under the nose to mount rocket launchers and with 24 R4M air-to-air rocket under the wings making the Me262 the most feared German fighter by Allied pilots.

★Tamiya presents the plastic assembly kit of the Messerschmitt Me262 that was used by the Luftwaffe during the closing days of WWII.

★1/48 scale. Fuselage length: 221mm, wingspan: 264mm. The unique form of the Me262 with its engine nacelles under each wing has been accurately replicated.

★The 30mm cannon mounted in the nose and cockpit have been reproduced down to the finest details. Canopy and gun bay access panels can be mounted in either open or closed position.

★R4M air-to-air rockets with launchers to be mounted under the wings and W.Gr 21 air-to-air rocket-launchers to be assembled under the nose are part of the kit.

★Nose wheel well comes as a die-cast weight.

★A pilot figure and decals for 4 different markings are included in the kit.

4 different marking options!
Decals for four different markings options are included in the kit. This will give you the option to represent the camouflage variations applied by the Luftwaffe on its planes during the closing days of WWII.

"White", 9. Staffel, III/JG7
Oberfahnrich Hans-Guido Mutke, Furstenfeldbruck, April 1945
(Aircraft shown in main image.)

"Green 1", III/JG7
Major Rudolf Sinner, Brandenburg-Briest, March 1945

"Red 13", III/EJG2
Oberstleutnant Heinz Bar, Lechfeld, March 1945

"Red S" JV44
Unteroffizier Johann-Karl Muller, Brandenburg-Briest, March 1945

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