Ultimate Bottle of Balls! - Paint Shaker Balls

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Ultimate Bottle of Balls! - Paint Shaker Balls – Put one or two balls in each of your paint jars/bottles/weathering bottles to help mix and keep liquids fresh and fluid.

  • Bottle contains 150 stainless steel balls
  • Handy bottle to store on your bench - Do not empty the bottle on your bench, these balls have a mind of their own! 
  • Can be used with Ultimate Primers, Ultimate Weathering Washes, any brand of acrylic and lacquer based paints
  • Add to any paint pot/bottle and shake gently to agitate the paint's pigment and medium to mix perfectly.
  • Particularly useful for metallic and pearl colours and paints with pigments that tend to coalesce.
  • Periodically shake your paint jars up to keep them mixed and prevent drying out
  • Simple, cheap and very effective
  • PLEASE NOTE - Due to the balls metal nature, care should be taken when using in glass bottles/jars/pots.  Please be sure to shake gently or use a rolling action rather than shaking vigorously.

Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel
Contents: Metal ball pieces (φ 5.5 - 6mm) × 150

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