Sprue Points Rewards

We wanted to reward our returning customers in a special way so, we have a great loyalty program set up for our returning and new customers alike.  It looks like a lot of points to get a reward, but you'll be surprised how quick they mount up.

The only necessary thing you need to do is make an account here at Ultimate Modelling Products so we can register your points, which you earn points for as well!

There are many ways to earn points, as follows...

  • 1 Sprue Point for every £1 spent in the entire shop, with a bonus point (2 in total) per £1 spent on all Ultimate Modelling Products products
  • Spend over £100.00 in any one order and you get a BONUS 100 points!
  • 50 Sprue Points for registering an account on the Ultimate site
  • 35 Sprue Points on your birthday (if you've entered this in your account details)
  • 25 Sprue Points every year on the anniversary of you becoming a customer here at Ultimate Modelling Products
  • 75 Sprue Points for signing up to the Newsletter
  • 100 Sprue Points for referring a friend and 50 bonus points for your friend on their first purchase.
  • VIP Sprue Points customers get DOUBLE Sprue Points on ALL orders for life!  To qualify, you just need to hit the 1,500 Sprue Points mark.

Sprue Points reward thresholds as follows...

  • Bronze - 250 Sprue Points = £5.00 off entire store
  • Silver - 500 Sprue Points = £11.00 off entire store
  • Gold - 750 Sprue Points = £17.00 off entire store
  • Platinum - 1,000 Sprue Points = £25 off entire store
  • Unobtanium - 2,000 Sprue Points = 40% off entire order

As you can see, register an account, sign up to the newsletter and refer a friend.  Then spend £25 in the store and you've already got your first 250 points.  It's that simple...

We wil also be adding MEGA Sprue Points sales on certain products throughout the year, where you can earn up to 250 bonus points per purchase!  When we run a MEGA Sprue Points sale don't worry, we'll notify you by email.

Happy collecting and thank you for being a valued customer....

The Ultimate Modelling Products team :-)


PS.....You'll always find the Sprue Points widget floating on the bottom right of your screen - Right over there

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