Ninja Printz FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


How long do the models take to ship and to where?

All our models are made to order so, it can take up to a week to ship your order dependant on how busy we are.  We ship our models worldwide.

What are the sizes and scales of the models?

All our models come in different shapes and sizes, depending on the model depicted and the scenario/vignette/diorama size.  Below is a general rule of thumb for the different scales and sizes, but please remember, these are a generalisation and there are a few that do not conform to these measurements.  Generally, the larger the model and/or the more resin used, the higher the price.

  • 1:4 Bust approx 120mm - 160mm (5in - 6in)
  • 1:8 Bust approx 120mm - 180mm (5in - 7in)
  • 1:10 Statue/Vignette approx 200mm - 320mm (8in - 12.5in)
  • 1:12 Statue/Vignette approx 180mm - 300mm (6in - 12in)

Can I have a different scale/size than advertised?

Yes!   The majority of our models can either be upsized or downsized.  Minimum is 75mm (3in) (any less than that and you lose too much of the finer detail).  The maximum is 500mm (20in) for statues and vignettes (on selected ranges) - This equates to a lot of the statues and vignettes being approximately 1:6 scale.  Most busts can be a maximum of 200mm (8in) - approximately 1:4 scale. 

Prices vary accordingly - Enquire using the contact form for more information.

What are your models made of?

All our models are printed using professional grade SirayaTech High Precision ABS like non-brittle resin.  Generally considered one of the best 405nm resins on the market today.

In what condition do I receive the models?

All our models are fully cleaned, cured and prepared by hand, ready for paint.  There is minimal preparation required on your part before painting. 

Some assembly maybe required, especially with the larger models and vignettes.  We recommend using a CA or resin glue pre-paint. 

It is advised you ALWAYS use a primer before painting resin models.  We recommend using Ultimate Modelling Products Primers in all cases.  These are a fantastic polyurethane self levelling acrylic primers with micro filling properties, ideal for resin.  But, as with any resin model, some minor clean up and filling maybe required.

Below are some examples of some of the possible work required before painting…..

Most of the busts will have the marks on the base (see pic).  These are just the left over part of the support structure.  We take the majority off, but any left just need a light sand to flatten or you can simply leave them as this area is not seen.


There will be some similar marks on different places of the models, but in most cases, these will appear on parts of the model that are not seen or on a part that is to be joined/glued with another so, won’t be seen once the model is completed.


Some models will have pressure relief holes located in different areas of the models.  95% of the time, these will be in areas that are either glued together, hidden or where it will not be seen.  In the rare instance you have a model that has one on an exterior surface that may be seen, then you can simply fill and sand that area, we place them in the easiest position possible to work. 




We're so confident that you'll be impressed with our models, we offer a no quibble 7 day money back guarantee should you be dissatisfied with your purchase. **

** If in the rare circumstance you are unhappy with your purchase, simply contact us within 7 days of receiving your order. Models must be unstarted and returned in its original packaging. Shipping costs will not be refunded.

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