2 x Rb04E Attack Missiles with Launchers for SAAB AJ37 & SH37 Viggen

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Resin Attack Missiles (Rb04E) for the SAAB 37 Viggen.

Two units with decals.

Robot 04 or RB04 (originally RB 304C) was an anti-ship missile made by CVA for the Swedish Air Force. The robot was manufactured between 1958 and 1978. Initially carried by SAAB A 32 Lansen and later also by SAAB AJ 37 Viggen, using a different launcher. The missile was the primary armament to attack troops, delivered by the the 1st Air Wing against a feared invasion fleet from the Soviet Union. The robot was manufactured in three versions (04C, 04D and 04E) and was never exported. Further development of this missile resulted in Rb 1597

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