Ultimate 12 Paint Holder (Any Brand 10ml pots of paint)

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The Ultimate 12 Paint Holder has been designed to hold 12 x any 10ml paint bottles from various brands including - Tamiya, Mr Hobby, Lifecolor and any other brand of paint with a similar sized 10ml bottle.

A very handy solution to keep a selection of your favourite paints close to hand, whilst on a project.  The holder is extremely stable and won't be knocked over easily, giving you peace of mind on your workbench. 

3d printed in PLA, the Ultimate 12 Paint Holder has a small bench footprint, is lightweight and made to last a long time.

External measurements are 155mm x 115mm x 17mm and comes in Gunmetal Grey.

As with all 3D printed products, there may be slight imperfections present.  

NB...This is not compatible with the Ultimate Modular Storage System

*Paints not included.

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