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Our new product is a must for any armour modeller that likes to upgrade their AFV tracks to something like the Friul Models excellent metal track systems.  For a non-uniform finish leaving a plethora of tonal variation that needs no extra weathering afterwards.

Can be used up to three times per bottle...!!!

Extensively tested to work with most types of metal tracks, you can now naturally weather white metal tracks. Just dip the tracks in the liquid for a few minutes and the metal will begin to appear dark and rusty, easily and effortlessly. You can vary the effect using different dilutions and lengths of time in the solution as well as different types of agitation.

 A full video tutorial can be found here...


  1. Ensure the tracks are fully cleaned and degreased using water & washing up liquid and then dried thoroughly.
  2. Wearing protective gloves, pour the Ultimate Burnishing Liquid into a plastic container large enough to fully immerse the tracks
  3. Add 100ml - 125ml of plain tap water (you can use the now empty UMP Burnishing Liquid bottle for this) and mix thoroughly. 
  4. Immerse track links in the solution, making sure they are fully covered.
  5. Move the tracks around to ensure all areas are treated and agitate using a stiff brush (a toothbrush is good for this) to ensure the fluid reaches the inner parts of the tracks.  Don't forget to treat spare track links too.
  6. If treating the links when unassembled, use two separate smaller containers with sealed lids. Add half a bottle of burnishing liquid and 50ml of water to each tub. Put the lid on and shake the tub well to mix.
  7. Remove the tracks once the desired effect/colour has been achieved.  You can vary this by leaving them in the solution for longer or shorter periods.  7 to 30 minutes treatment should give the desired effect.  
  8. Immediately run the tracks under running water to neutralise any remaining fluid, then fully dry the tracks
  9. Now treat with your desired Ultimate washes and pigments, then seal with a matt varnish.  Run an Ultimate sanding sponge along the raised surfaces to give a worn bare metal look if desired
  10. For smaller vehicle tracks you may not need to use the full bottle of fluid, adjust for the required amount.


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